Saturday, October 29, 2011



I know that all of you have had this conversation in the past, with friends, relatives or even enemies! Has science proved or disproved the existence of God? Generally, these topics, like sex and politics have been relegated to "DON'T DO IT"! Is there a Being of Great Mind, a Creator of all things? IS there an Intelligent Source or is there simply evolution? The argument has always been between Creationism and Evolution, one calling for blind faith and the other for scientific, empirical evidence. It is no wonder that most of us, the lay person, have been left to our own devices, trying to figure out a "truth" based upon what we are born into such as family and culture, or left to our curiosity through life's lessons and introductions. Curiosity, after all IS the nature of the Beast! A new survey shows that 17% of us are now being referred to as "NONES", those who have no belief systems at all.

I must say, somewhere between blind faith and scientific fact, IS an answer, depending upon your inner Truth. We are charged, from birth to study, by "WHOM" is the question. Is it the driving force of an Intelligent Design, religious theologies of mankind, or is it our basic, driving, "need to know". Having developed the five senses, we ARE driven to "know" a thing, in some form or another. How does it taste, what does it feel like and so on. This Force, moves us beyond rationale with an insatiable thirst for knowing things, hence Science as a religious outlet. Before the modern era, people understood that there was a difference between science and religion, FACT AND FICTION IF YOU WILL. The sciences were unattainable, left to the wealthy and scholars to ponder. The world was FLAT and that was that! Of course I am speaking to a time in the West, as throughout Asia and Egypt, ancient cultures had a different understanding of these things.

Clearly, the ancient cultures of the world had a completely different understanding of the sciences and religious theories. That so called Modern Age, exploded in the West and seems to have left behind the more advanced cultures of the ancients. Isn't it curious, that those advanced cultures, thousands of years ago, were way ahead of the west in technologies that had yet to be discovered? The ancient peoples of the world had advanced knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and language skills beyond the capabilities found at the breaking of the Modern age. Why is it or HOW is it that these advanced cultures didn't survive? The very fact that they were guided by the "GODS" of their time, shows me that they still had that "poop in ditch" mentality, which is prevalent today throughout the developing world. The simple truth is, that we ARE a Third World Planet. Clearly we have advanced beyond our past, but not everyone shares these advancements. The disparity can be seen daily on CNN or any other news outlet. Groups beseech us for donations to help out the poor and down trodden, either by tugging at our heart strings (emotions) or some theological (religious) plea.

Forgive me, this reads like the ranting of an old woman! I have written about the ties between science and religion many times as Cosmic Law and Physics are all tie ins to this writing. The answer to many of my questions lie in the HOW and Why of stuff and I have come to learn that, the How's are relative to Science and the Whys are relative to Religion or theology. It all leads back to Nature VS. Nurture. By Nature, I just smashed a fly that was bugging the crap out of me, by Nurture, I just let one go out of my front door. So then, what is a Moral Truth? Is it because God would like me to release the fly, a benevolent act of Faith and the reasoning behind the "right thing to do"? What is it about Morality, that makes it true?

In the 1960's, we had a saying, "If it feels good do it!", hence the sexual revolution was born. We described morality based on this emotional state of being; if it feels good then it has no moral downside, if it doesn't feel good, then it does. There were many scientific experiments going on back in the day, LSD and other psychotropics were being studied during and post World War II. However, science has no meaning at all to emotion, to Nurture. Science has a need for evidence while emotion need philosophy and theology, or Faith if you will. Science and religion are inharmonious, they are stand alone concepts. A great example is that the death of the fly has a foundation is science, a cause and effect, Nature. How I cope with the death of the fly and the release of the second one is emotional, dealing with Faith and Nurture.

Science has come a long way since the Dark Ages, yet still unable to explain many of the mysteries of life such as the building of the pyramids around the world, the how and why of it all still held closely to the breast of opposing sides. With all of the technology available to us today, there is still no actual evidence of how the pyramids could have been built back in the days before the wheel was invented. Having been able to decipher the codices left behind by the ancients, they will still NOT believe that the "STAR WALKERS" were there to teach and guide them. In the face of great evidence, science will still deny the possibility of ancient astronauts. Without hard evidence, such as an actual craft or a body, they will not admit to anything. And of course, many of us believe that there is such evidence, just being withheld from the public. So the smack down is on hold!

If there is ever a release of the truth about alien beings, then our entire system of religion would collapse. If we are Star Children, as we believed in the '60's, then where would our allegiances lie? How would we cope with this dilemma? Science would certainly have a deeper meaning to us all, religion, not so much. The Big Fight is yet to be fought, it is one, so far, of an internal process. What do you believe is the Truth, is it fact or fiction? Is it Evolution or Intelligent Design? Let me state clearly, that I am the inbetweener, absolutely, there is evolution and absolutely, something of Great Intelligence, has created our design. I believe in Star Walkers and in Earth Walkers with room for Intelligent Beings outside our understanding. Death, being the ultimate equalizer has the only answers to date. We will either know it all, or nothing at all, however both Nature and Nurture, in the human form, dictate that we somehow believe in our Soul's Immortality, why else would we have created religion in the first place? Our need to know, our curiosity, is embedded in our DNA and where did that DNA come from? Now there, perhaps is the answer to all things!

We are facing some very turbulent times and in fact are in the middle of some tough ones right now. I believe that all sentient beings are questioning the whys and wherefore's. We live in a time of expanding knowledge and technology like never, EVER seen before. There is no reason not to enquire and seek the answers to those burning questions sought by every human being since the beginning, WHO AM I AND WHY AM I HERE? Add to that, where did I come from and where am I going? In this era of an Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street, emotional needs are coming to the forefront of consciousness. Human beings are tired of being oppressed by those that have the majority of the wealth in the world. While they all seek an emotional solution, the evidence shows that they will be unsuccessful. Sadly, out Intelligent Designers did not include a Morality in the Nature/Nurture of Greed. It has always been true, that those who KNOW, use those WHO DON'T, whether it was the ancient Star Walkers using the indigenous peoples as slaves, or the corporate world using consumers as chattel.

So much for the ranting of an old woman. I am sure that I may have confused rather than illuminated, but I hope that I inspired you as well. There is so much to learn and so much more than I will ever know. I find that the more I teach, the more I write, the more I understand about all that I do NOT know. Questions are SOOOOO welcomed here, often I find more about what I do know through those questions. Thank you for joining me in this exercise, I wish you Peace on your Journey! By the way, Science has discovered the God Particle, a minute thing which cost them billions of dollars to find, and no explanation of what it is or what it does, at least as yet. For once, Science is asking us to have FAITH that this discovery is an important one, hummmmmmm

Monday, September 12, 2011



And there's more! Recently, a dear friend of mine was touring Asia and posted photos of his journey through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. My friend Jordan, is only in his early 30's and went with a group of young travelers from New Zealand as kind of a last Hurrah, before returning to the States. I followed his posting on Face Book, recalling memories of my own Journey and wishing him God's Speed on his own. Being a Spiritualist, I was checking photos for spirit and sure enough, found many spirit orbs in the places he visited. I was able to recognize one of thee orbs as Jordan's beloved grandmother, Geri who seemed to hover closely to him, as every journey has its dangerous spots.

For most us Baby Boomers, Viet Nam holds a particular set of memories, our country divided and a failed war. It was the turbulent '60's and '70's, drugs, sex, rock-n-roll and THE WAR were defining moments in our young lives. There was a draft instated and all young men were either going to war, going to college or going to Canada! It was a time when our country became divided over these issues in ways that may never happen again. America is a unique country, the World's Police Force is here and like it or not, this is what we have come to represent so any Journey abroad is met by a standard of mistrust and down right hatred that is hard to quantify.

I have often said that history is written by its victims and the reminders of this were in the pictures posted of the Killing Fields of Cambodia. Disturbing as they were to view, what was even more disturbing as a Spiritualist, is the absolute absence of Spirit in an abundance of remains. In the grave pits, the clothing, teeth and bones of victims planted there are breaking the surface of the earth, to be collected and placed in containers on display. The tower of skulls having equally disturbing displays of skulls with bullet holes, children's skulls and the denoted "Beating Tree" where children were beaten to death. From Paradise to Prison camp, and now to tourist destination. It boggles the mind!

There is a disturbing trend here, choices of man to "honor" the killing fields, the atrocities of war better left unnoticed in my opinion. "LEST WE FORGET" is the oft spoken phrase, are you kidding me???? How could anyone forget??? These wars raged all over the planet has their victims to speak for them, turning them into Disneyland Adventures is even more atrocious! We have all experienced war in one form or another, for me it was an Uncle killed in WWII, a father who served in the South Pacific and Japan, a brother who served in the Viet Nam war and numerous friends.

Jordan also posted wonderful pictures of the aged temples, the beautiful shots of Paradise Lost, sunsets and lush jungles, elephant rides and nasty little monkeys! This part of Asia is still locked in the past in spite of the latest technologies. Communism has locked these countries into a third world mindset that may never change. But what of its spiritual nature? How does it fit into the Global Spirit of Things? Why is there no Spirit at the Killing Fields?

Have you ever been to any of the locations where masses have dies? Germany for one, has a particular energy about it, yet it too, is noticeably empty. I have been to many such places, most recently in Japan's nuclear holocaust at Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Again, what strikes me is the ABSENCE of Spirit and the presence of tourism. So what's next, or I should say, WHERE IS NEXT? Will Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan become that next great destination? What does this say about our humanity?

Well, I am not so worried about our humanity, it is what it is and we seem to revel in our wars. What interests me, is what happens to the Spirit in these exchanges. Ever since there have been human beings, there has been murder and mayhem, not likely to change that! What is fascinating to me, is the fact that when masses of people die, especially in an atrocious act, Spirit seems to vanish quickly. Instead of being earth bound by the heinousness of the death, it seems that they all signed up for the situation and were quite prepared for the transition. Children are unique, they are innocent and transition easily. Their deaths are so terribly sad, but they teach by their short lives. Adults however are slightly different. When the masses die collectively, there is a spiritual "agreement" to teach by a common death. I suppose it is their collective "gift" that attracts the still living to look upon the madness, or it could be just plain, morbid curiosity as that is also part of our human nature.

In these current times, where the lessons of war abound and the vendors make money hand over fist, it is unlikely that we are going to meet the criteria for Peace. This is that New Age period where we are SUPPOSED to be stepping up to our Best, not appealing to our WORST. The Shift is upon us, 2012 is right around the corner and we still prefer war to Peace. Politicians haggle over absurd details of Life without considering Life itself. They talk Peace and nurture war, "it's good for business". In the meantime, people are signing up to die in these battles over "my God is better than your God". As the full Harvest Moon rose on the day of America's greatest terrorist act, 9/11, I prayed for that Peace and felt the emptiness of Spirit as only a few people on the planet were praying for the same thing. And on a lighter note, they just opened the NEW Ground Zero Memorial, another destination Park.

While I haven't been to Japan since the big earthquake of March 11th and the following tsunami, I have seen the pictures and have been in touch with many of my friends still there. It seems that Japan has once again, chosen to teach us about Nuclear stuff. Their suffering form the quake and tsunami could have been overcome, tragic as it is, it is not the worst that happened. The melting of the nuclear reactors and the subsequent lack of ability to deal with that has crippled the country once again. Certainly not as bad as the bombs America dropped on her, but potentially, like Chernobyl, it will poison many and destroy much needed farm land. Already, Chernobyl is a tourist destination again, proving my theory that we are a sickly, curious bunch.

EMPTY, EMPTY, EMPTY! Are we as empty as the photos of these horrific places? Is there no one HOME? I meet so many newly evolving souls, the kind you see everyday in life, Walmart is a magnet for them! Please, I will rescind that, as I do not make judgements of Walmart, but talk about making money off the curious! I shop there too, so I speak of what I see. People who beg for money at Walmart's crossroads, stating that they are poor Veterans and haven't been even close to a recruiters office much less served in the military are a perfect example. Our citizens have become pride-less, preferring the bliss of ignorance, wanting more than their share and unwilling to participate to earn it.  It has become curiously obvious, many people today are Spirit-less, may as well be zombies.

If mankind"s charity and spirituality is necessary to save us from the unseen destruction of 2012, then my friends, WE ARE DOOOOOMED! While there are many Old Souls today, our planet is overloaded with the Newly Evolving and while this is not a judgement, they have no clue how to evolve into what COULD be their saving Grace. Suicide is rampant as they struggle with simple life choices and here is the real sadness as they are doomed to repeat that difficulty in another life in order to overcome the urge to stop the progress.

And so it is, all failed wars, all of man's failures will be honored in some very strange ways. It is said that if we do not learn from our past, we are doomed to repeat it, and so it is! We keep moving through the same circles, jumping through the same political HOOPS and expecting a different outcome. One only needs to look at a countries political structure to understand how truly, spiritually empty a nation is. "ONE NATION UNDER GOD", hummmmm, actually it is one nation under MANY Gods and fighting that all the way, contrary to what politicians say.

Well this has been more political than spiritual so I will stop this train of thought. I would hope that your life is Spirit-FULL, we all need to be more aware of our lives and our consequences and most of all to appreciate the evolution that we do have, to learn and grow with every beat of the heart as no matter what, soon your body will be empty too. What will your legacy be? Will people be curious about your life? Will they have no questions about WHO or WHAT you were? Will you have answered your own questions about who you are? Will you become a destination????? I wish for you everything you want for yourself and much, much more! Peace!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011



Well, it finally has begun and no surprise to me. With the approach of Hurricane Irene on the East Coast of America, Mother Earth has awoken. A swarm of large earthquakes has begun on the Eastern Seaboard, first in Mineral, Virginia and then all the way up to Boston, felt as far West as Ohio and throughout the region. Buildings swayed in New York City and in Washington, D.C. 

There has been pressure building from Puerto Rico and the Haiti regions, pushing Northward toward the great New Madrid fault. It has been since the early 1900's and late 1800's since there had been significant earthquakes in the Washington, D.C. and New York areas, so we have known that this new activity would be a precursor for the coming events of our time. 

Now that this has begun, we will begin to see more activity throughout our country as the fault lines begin to rip and yes, each one has value to the other. When one moves, all adjacent lines will release or rebuild the pressure of the slip. The Virginia quake had a depth of only 1 km, less than a mile. It would have been a terrible shaking at the epicenter, but outlying areas would have had the rolling effect as a pebble in a pond. We can expect many more aftershocks as more stress releases occur. 

Activity will increase in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and North to the New Madrid fault of in the Midwestern states. This ties in with the predictions made about what our future holds for us. Now that the East Coast of America has come alive, the West coast will become even more active. Our planet is changing her skin, the tightness of the crust has become flaky and unstable so a new cycle comes to replace the old stuff. We will see many more volcanic eruptions, undersea volcanoes especially will be active. Already the activity in the South Pacific islands has reached fever pitch and we are coming right behind in this new Dance of our planet.

It is time to be prepared, life is changing in ways you cannot imagine, as we have never been in a time of this magnitude, or at least one that we can remember in this Lifetime. Please, have food and water stored up, medical supplies and enough of them to last you at least, ONE WEEK!!!! I can assure you that we have entered this new cycle and there is no turning back, time and our beloved Planet is marching forward and we are just along for the ride! Peace and Love to you in these unusual times!

Saturday, August 13, 2011



What more can we learn? That which is nature has a memory, the Pea has an absolute memory as do all growing things, short of mankind. What is the NATURE of Living? Rice has more than 50,000 genes, the lowly pea also has massive amounts of genetic material, it grows, learns and progresses all by itself. It plots the weather and the humidity, it knows the seasons so well that it will optimize its growth and production cycles so as to give out the best of itself. 

Time runs differently for plants and humans. It has been recently discovered that plants have a neurobiology, they actually "think" without a brain, without guidance, they are self determined. That natural neurobiology creates synapses as the plant learns from the past to calculate present and future.Humans have a little more than 26,000 genes yet we are blessed or cursed, with a brain! We have yet to evolve beyond the Pea, makes "Pea Brained" take on a whole new meaning! Who knew???? So what's the big difference? EGO!!!!! Personality for human beings, is the driving force behind our decision making processes.

No matter how often our planet has been decimated, no matter the disaster or catastrophe, PLANTS RULE! They over grow our ancient civilizations, bury them in massive amounts of greenery and soil. In the deserts, their absence is noted by the ongoing winds of time that bury things in the sands of time until another planetary shift brings the humidity back to arid places then the BLOOM is on once again.

Finally in Cern, France, the Heggs Bosen Particle has been discovered. It is said to be the "GOD PARTICLE", the originator of all other particles, the one that started it all. I have to say, science has gone NUTS in trying to identify this particle, spending billions of of dollars for the Super Collider and the staff to man this unit. I still say so what!!!! As far as I can tell, this serves no purpose other than to soothe someones curiosity, to discover every knowable particle. Well, congratulations folks, NOW WHAT??? Will science prove there is or is not a God Source??? Steven Hawking has already declared there is no God and proved it to his satisfaction, so the God Particle discovered in France doesn't change his calculations, in fact, may reinforce them.

They are all dancing with the Quantum Entanglement (synchronicity), to explain the inexplicable scientifically. They recognize the four forces in the universe as 1. Gravity 2. Electromagnetic Energy 3. Strong Force and 4. Weak Force. However there are two other forces, Cause and Effect (Karma) that must be considered where humanity is concerned. The Natural Forces of the Universe DO apply to humanity, it is our Nurture that doesn't equate. There is NO formula to encompass the WHO of WHAT we are, we are beyond just our human condition, beyond our genetic predispositions. 

Well, Planet Earth is dancing as well, dancing with past and present memory allowing the future to evolve and change as it will. She has memories so deep, power so great and it has been eons since she was truly appreciated for the power she holds over every living thing, living off the Earth through her bounty as she holds the secrets of the past and present closely to her. We have forgotten that she is the Mother, all indigenous peoples know this. I have spent tons of time with the Aborigines in Australia, with the Hopi, Navajo, Zuni and Hava Supai where the faith is strong and unshakable. Their legends and stories are the fabric of their faith, even though Christianity has crept into their lives, their Truth is unshakable as they still live upon the Mother through her good will. Our Mother, our Planet, is the center of our Universe and materialism has taken us from this "KNOWING", that is critical for our survival. 

We haven't yet learned to "play nice", we are still a warring people and most fighting over whose God is the Biggest and Baddest. It is insanity! The bottleneck of humanity, the fact that we have all evolved from the original, one black African woman can only speak to this insanity. We are all genetically connected, we are fighting wars with our cousins, we are racist and bigoted, it is as if we are deeply asleep and no one can wake us from this dream. The Pea is NOT fighting with the Rice, the Corn Stalks allow for the weeds that can grow in their shadow, to share the wealth. My dandelions grow healthier than my lawn by this same principle, much to my dismay, but HATE them I do!

In my last posting "THE DANCE CALLED LIFE", I wrote about your partnership in the dance, well this is also that same line of thinking. Where do you fit in the overall picture? Does it require that you BELIEVE IN SOMETHING OR SOMEONE? As human beings, since the first to the last, it seems we are doomed to HAVE to have something other than ourselves to believe in, yet the ancients followed the stars and the planet to instill their beliefs. No better actually than us, just different, perhaps more valid than our multi-religiousness. When our beliefs lead us constantly to war, then isn't it time to change our beliefs? Can we evolve to something greater than a war culture? I think we can.

You are the greatest person who ever lived! Millions of years of evolution, perhaps tens of thousands of lifetimes, have brought you here, NOW! We have not yet out evolved the Pea, but with our conscious abilities, we can certainly LEARN to! We are more than our ethnicity, more than our humanity, we are DIVINE! Co-creators of the Universe we live in, able to dance to any tune! My oh my! We have untapped powers, unused brain function so why do we subjugate ourselves, limiting our growth with false labels and false beliefs. Believe what you will, but the Singularity is real. 

Our time on this planet is very limited, if the seers of the future are any predictor of the upcoming events of 2012, we are in deep doo-doo! Mother Earth is dancing her ass off in her own unique way and we are merely observers in this dance, it is time to be participants! Pick your Partner, find your Path and score your own soundtrack. This is one dance that we ALL must do. Until next time, I wish you Peace and by the way, would you like to Dance??????

Friday, July 29, 2011



Are you dancing in the Dark, or dancing in the Light? Are you dancing at all, or being a Wall Flower? What level of Participation do you enjoy? If you are sitting on the side lines, waiting for someone to ask you Dance, you are missing the Journey! Life is moving faster than ever, an acceleration is taking place no matter what stage of growth you are in. New Souls follow, Young Souls lead and Old Souls are completely happy to Dance their brains out all by themselves.

We all feel the music, it is in the wind, in our very breath. Life is NOT a spectator sport we all must Dance no matter how silly it may  look. How long has it been since you really enjoyed your life, or felt the simple emotion of gratitude? Are you so busy living in the past that you are missing your own future? Can you, will you, get out of your own way to BE happy? Do you need a partner to make your life make sense? You already have one, yourSELF! The Universe is your Partner and you are never alone.

Our Earth is in Peril, our governments are falling apart and tens of thousands of people are dying every day as well as hundreds of thousands more being born. We are overpopulated, most are underfed and we still have no compassion for our fellow human beings. In America, five children die everyday from child abuse, from CHILD ABUSE, not to mention the tens of thousands of abandoned pets euthanized. Where is God in all this?????? Well, the God Particle has finally been discovered at the super collider in Switzerland. Billions of dollars, maybe trillions, to discover the GOD PARTICLE! Well, now what???? In fact, SO WHAT????? In this case, science and seers couldn't be further apart. All of this research will bring us what? I have no clue! Has this discovery altered your view of the Universe? It certainly hasn't altered mine, in fact it brings back the analogy that Faith is the Article and Particle of importance.

The month of August will be very interesting, as all that is happening becomes clearer to us all. I have to say, it doesn't look very good. The weather patterns are stirring up trouble in Asia and America will see these patterns of Fall bring in more difficult for the midwest. The point is, what will you be doing during this period? Are you moving toward Dancing the Light? If not, you are dancing too slow! We are running out time and you need to be on your feet! Until next time, I wish you Peace and am open to questions! I know you have them, let me have them!

Saturday, July 23, 2011



How do we explain the inexplicable? Where do we go for answers about what just happened in Norway, or the daily suicide bombings being carried out in the Middle East? There are answers, who do we ask? Usually, we start by beseeching God, tuning into CNN or other news outlets for the pundits to tell us the gory details, dig for answers about the perpetrator and hopefully, to bring us some sort of understanding. As I followed this usual pattern myself today, I see that Amy Winehouse, that beautiful and troubled British rock-n-roller, has been found dead in her apartment. Just released from rehab so that she could go on tour, obviously had just "ONE MORE RIDE" that became her last. Only 27 years old, three cycles of 9 years that had she survived them, would have found her on a new path later this year. Suicide is suicide, she chose this and so it is. Thy have not yet, released the cause of death, but I am certain that this is a LIFESTYLE choice and yes, a sad one. Her fans will be devastated, but I hope that her death will have a resounding effect on them, a lesson about the dangers of drugs and the choices we make. Everything happens for a reason, there are NO accidents or coincidences, only happenstance, cause and reaction, INSTANT KARMA.

So, is the Norway terrorist or Amy Winehouse "HOME", are they truly in their "RIGHT" mind? Where IS the "RIGHT MIND"? How can we access that part of ourselves? Truly, you must be a SENTIENT BEING at all times, not just part of the time like most of us are, only aware of the small world that we inhabit. "THINK GLOBAL AND ACT LOCAL" was the mantra of the ecology movement and it is a good one! A dear friend of mine is a University Professor and upon asking his students if they had heard of the Murdoch scandal, they had no clue as I would not hesitate to say, that many of you are the same. Raising our awareness to include things that are happening on a global level, things that influence our lives, seen or unseen, is how you get to the "right mind" of thinking.

It was said years ago, "NEVER DISCUSS POLITICS, SEX OR RELIGION" if you want to avoid an argument. This is a mindless phrase as it precludes you from knowing things of yourself and your surroundings. The "dumbing down" of society has been a mass marketing ploy of capitalism for many years, "just give 'em what they want and don't let 'em ask questions". This has worked since the end of World War II so well, that now we are trapped by our own materialism. If we "want" it, we will "have" it without thought of where it came from or what it truly cost to produce it. We have become consumers without a conscience, never in our "right mind" and so easily drawn to depths of despair when we don't get it.

The Norwegian terrorist, is NOT a Muslim or foreign activist, he was a full blooded, home grown terrorist like our own Oklahoma bombers. What are we to learn form this event? The Oslo bombing killed 7 people and injured dozens more, but on the island of Utoya where a summer camp for youngsters aged from 13 to 20 years old was taking place, in his Police uniform, went on a shooting spree and killed over 80 children! What our take away message should be, is that in Norway, one of the most peaceful countries on this planet, it is not safe!  If Norway is not safe, then NOWHERE is safe! 

We have all become more isolationist, drawing down our gaze from others in order to avoid contact or even to exchange eye contact. We are withdrawing from society in order to minimize our responsibility to it, yet responsible we are, like it or not. It is as though we fear we will be asked to participate in this life, more than we want to. HELLLLOOOOOOO.........ARE YOU HOME??????

Recent events, the issues in our solar system and with our planet are enough to keep me sooooo busy, yet the Human Experience is why I am here and what develops in this sense is what I must study. It is not for all of us to do, just some of us but I urge you to be more aware of your life and those things that make up your life as these things and events matter. How deep you choose to delve into politics, sex and religion are up to you however I suggest that you do as these are the driving factors of our every waking moment. The more you understand of these three subjects, the more you will be able to access your "RIGHT MIND" as a thinking partner, we have a great gift in the size of our brains and its capacity for use. Please, let us find that level of right thinking.

I could write about our interconnectedness all day, but if you don't see it, or feel it, then it does not exist for you. Every decision you make, every left or right turn, will bring you another level of understanding, more experience and knowledge. This is the path to Wisdom, and it seems that fewer and fewer are choosing to take this Path and the path of least resistance requires less of us than the Path to Wisdom. Our planet is so very over populated, Newer Souls are arriving every day and few Older ones as well as we are in an incredibly difficult to explain and MOST interesting time. Science and Seers have never been closer in their studies of the Universe and I dare say, closer to their understanding of the ALL there is to KNOW!

I encourage you to ask more questions, challenge yourself and your "right mind" thinking until it makes sense to you, then push ever forward into the yet unchallenged areas of your life and settle for nothing less that YOUR Truth, demand it of yourself and if you have not found your Truth, than FIND IT! Ask yourself what you believe, get into your own politics and religion, ask hard questions then seek your answers. I am here if I can help you with those questions, there is no such thing as unanswered questions, only unasked ones! Until next time, I wish you Peace.

Monday, July 18, 2011



We have entered the most dangerous cycle ever seen by modern mankind. All indicators are showing us that next year will be a DOOOOOOZY!!!! If our recent difficulties are one of those indicators, then life is changing in ways we cannot imagine. There are so many websites today that sound so apocalyptic and most of them are based in the combination of science and seers that I have followed my entire life. While I am a seer, I can assure you that I am as skeptical as the scientist as intelligence dictates it to be so. I would want all of us to have that same sense of skepticism when it comes to any information that  may impact our lives. Having said this, the seers can no longer be ignored, we do so at our own peril.

We have recently seen the tragic devastation in Japan, all from a Natural Source however the most damaging factor, is the Human Source of tragedy, the Nuclear Power plants. The kinds of devastation we have seen in the past by way of earthquakes and volcanic activity have been tragic, but these natural events are somewhat recoverable. When Nature creates chaos, we bend and weep at her destruction, but we can get beyond it. Unfortunately, what mankind has created is our darkest nightmare. We have poisoned our environment, becoming an industrialized world has forced us all to pay the ultimate price for the few who, through capitalism, have had the biggest benefit. Recently, Ford Motor Company is being held responsible for poisoning tribal lands with toxic sludge, and there are many such sites here int he states as well as in the rest of the world.

There is little we can do about the past, the nuclear plants are in place, the damage done to our environment is done and the only way to understand our future IS to know our past. There are many groups actively pursuing law suits to bring those culpable to responsibility. So, for the most part, as individuals, all we can do is let them do their jobs. I could write volumes about these issue however, this is not my point today.

How do we prepare for the unexpected? There have been many programs recently on the Universe, about Science and Seers especially about Nostradamus, the Mayans and the predictions of many Seers of the past. My goal, has been to discuss Tools, Teachers and Time. Today's entry, is about Tools and Time, about decisive action. I have said before, that History is written by its Victims and this couldn't be more true than it is about Natural Disasters. We are running out of Time to prepare, so it has been my decision to offer as an outlet for preparedness. I have searched the net for the very best it has to offer, with the best companies I could find. I personally own this stuff and highly recommend that we all begin to expect and prepare for, the unexpected.

Living on the coast of Oregon, I am so aware of the Cascadian Fault line and what that represents. It is no longer a matter of "if" but "when". While I am not close to a nuclear plant, I still have the Iodine pills as the plants are not so far away as to not affect me and mine. We have seen the events and the damage created by these events and all of us are in harms way, in one form or another. Only you can judge your own degree of harm and act accordingly. As we move forward into MORE uncertainty, I would hope that ALL of us are as prepared as we can be. Pundits recommend at least a 3 to 5 day cushion of safety. No matter the disaster, it is critical in the first week to be self sufficient. Recent tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri found that it took three days to get the help they needed, moreover it seems that being prepared, even in some cases is nearly impossible.

Our weather and planet is changing, I try NOT to be one to lean toward the negative information out there today but it is hard to ignore anymore. We are facing some of the most devastating things we have ever seen. My friends in Japan are learning to live with disaster, but clearly, they faced that first week of no help at all. Some of the pundits are saying to buy gold as an overall "hard cash" safety net, but I don't see that as an absolutely necessary thing, but I do see having cash on hand as another form of preparedness, having your gas tank full at all times and/or a bicycle or motorcycle. In the emergency kits there are radios and flashlights, if you do not feel like buying them, then take a look at what is offered there and build your own emergency kits. No matter what you do, BE PREPARED!!! We are running out of TIME and it is time to have the TOOLS of preparedness.

The Universe is on schedule for the mystical alignment foretold by the Mayans and science is hard pressed to tell us what will be influenced by this other than it is beyond knowing. It has been more than 26,000 years since the last time this occurred. The Sun is getting ready to shift its axis and this too, will have its effect on planet Earth. If the worst of the worst happens, there is little anyone can do to prepare, however earthquakes, storms and other Natural disasters can be prepared for. Meteor strikes are expected, many things loom in the Universe that we cannot see but no matter the happenstance, if we prepare then at least, we can have some peace of mind.

I would recommend as a source of information about the changes we are facing today. The format of this site is to inform about weather, earthquakes and volcanic activity. This is a great source of information. Another site is where there are stories beyond stories about seers and science. There are tons of other portals to check out, but these two bring forward the information and you can decide what to believe. I have always believed in human intellect, integrity and curiosity. As an Old Soul, it is our obligation to sort through the bullshit and brilliance to define our own Truth. Until next time, I wish you Peace on your Journey!